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Person's feet in running shoes running along a path in the grass.

Some foot and ankle conditions are caused by trauma. Other disorders are genetic or are the result of long-term mistreatment (such as the repeated wearing of improper or poorly-fitting footwear).

Making an appointment with the McFarland Clinic foot and ankle specialists is a good first step if you're suffering discomfort or a lack of mobility. We have convenient locations throughout Central Iowa that provide comprehensive foot and ankle care.

Why McFarland Foot and Ankle Care?

McFarland Clinic is home to highly-skilled, board-certified physicians who are leaders in the field of foot and ankle care. They maintain unmatched education and training, holding graduate degrees, years of postgraduate training, and years more of dedicated foot and ankle surgical residencies. We have deep expertise in both non-surgical and surgical approaches.

Conditions and Treatments

Foot and ankle surgeons are uniquely qualified to manage all lower extremity conditions that are affecting a patient's overall health. From sports injuries, ankle fractures, foot fractures, heel pain, and bunions, to diabetic limb salvage, ingrown toenails, foot and ankle arthritis, and much more, our skilled foot and ankle specialists are able to care for any foot and ankle ailment.

Our specialists provide comprehensive medical and surgical care for a wide spectrum of foot and ankle conditions that affect people of all ages. Whether you're an athlete hoping to get back into the game, a pediatric patient, a diabetic, or someone hoping to continue your active lifestyle, our physicians are here to lend you their expertise and dedication to get you on the road to recovery.

Learn more about the conditions and treatments offered by our specialists.

Do I Need a Referral to be Seen by a Foot and Ankle Surgeon?

In many cases, no referral is required. Please call one of our offices to learn more.

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