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Trusted Choice Honors

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The Trusted Choice Honors annually recognize and celebrate the excellence that will help McFarland Clinic achieve our vision.

Caring Professional Community Service Employee Excellence Founders' Award Team Extraordinary

Caring Professional Award - Sheila Baker, ARNP

The Trusted Choice Caring Professional Award is given to an individual who demonstrates exceptional customer service and provides coordinated care. The 2020 recipient of this award is Sheila Baker, ARNP of Ames Pediatrics.

Past Recipients

2019 – Erica Henricks, ARNP, Ames Gerontology

2018 – Deb Wollam, Marshalltown Administration

2017 – Marcia Hove, Administration

2016 – Michael Schnurr, PA-C, Story City Family Medicine

2015 – Teresa Simpson, Patient Relations

2014 – Jill Muehe, Oncology & Hematology

2013 – Matt Franco, Human Resources

2012 – Julie Inglett, Pulmonology

2011 – Sue Bulman, Ames Family Medicine

Community Service Award - Lisa Nelson

The Trusted Choice Community Service Award is given to an individual who impacts and influences the community through volunteer services. The 2020 recipient of this award is Lisa Nelson of Ames Population Health Management.

Past Recipients

2019 – Natasha Terones, Ames Physical Therapy

2018 – Jill Alexander, MD, Ames Pediatrics

2017 – Maggie Boege, Nevada Family Medicine

2016 – Sally Larsen, Accounting

2015 – Kathi Gammon, Marketing & Public Relations

2014 – Steven Karber, MD, Jefferson Adult Medicine

2013 – Duane Otto, Human Resources

2012 – Cindy Kruckenberg, Ames Laboratory

2011 – Pam Luna, Oncology & Hematology

Employee Excellence Award - Terri Hobbs, RN

The Trusted Choice Employee Excellence Award is given to an individual who displays excellence in his or her work and who demonstrates McFarland Clinic's service standards daily. The 2020 recipient of this award is Terri Hobbs, RN of Ames Express Care, Urgent Care, and Upper Respiratory Clinic.

Past Recipients

2019 – Jane Eagan, Physician Recruitment

2018 – CoAnne Hartmann, Outreach & Referral Relations

2017 – Joni Pallos, Nevada Family Medicine

2016 – Jessica Shannon, Nevada Family Medicine

2015 – Shelley Goecke, Marketing & Public Relations

2014 – Shirley Nelson, Ames Laboratory

2013 – Florence Crow, Ames Laboratory

2012 – Lynn Lanning, Oncology & Hematology

2011 – Robin Schwartz, Pathology

Founders' Award - Dan Fulton, MD

The Trusted Choice Founders' Award is given to an individual who demonstrates exceptional efforts in leadership and motivation, supporting the organizational goals of McFarland Clinic. The 2020 recipient of this award is Dr. Dan Fulton of Ames Infectious Diseases.

Past Recipients

2019 – Colette Lothe, MD, Marshalltown Pediatrics

2018 – Bradley Nau, MD, Ames Pediatrics

2017 – John Paschen, MD, Ames Pediatrics

2016 – Donald Skinner, MD, Administration

2015 – Jack Swanson, MD, Ames Pediatrics

2014 – Kenneth Talbert, MD, Ophthalmology

2013 – David Thomas, MD, Marshalltown Family Medicine

2012 – Michael Kitchell, MD, Neurology

2011 – Larry Otteman, MD, Oncology & Hematology

Team Extraordinary Award - MIS Team

The Trusted Choice Team Extraordinary Award is given to a team or work group of two or more people working together for a common goal in alignment with McFarland Clinic's mission, vision and promise. The 2020 award goes to the MIS Team.

Past Recipients

2019 – Ames Main Clinical Laboratory Staff

2018 – Marshalltown Tornado Response Team

2017 – Marshalltown Administrative Team

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